Mystical Creatures, Witches, and Talking Animals live in a G Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination encircles the world” old and Silver Forest. What adventures await beyond the magic door in grandma’s closet?


         Grandma’s house is always a place of fun, games, cooking, and imagining, but not today. An extraordinary storm is brewing outside—and a weird one is brewing inside, too.

As the midday sky turns dark, the atmosphere becomes warlike. Mary and Lynda are fighting and throwing playing cards at each other. Tomas and Daniel fight over the trains on the floor. When Andrew tries to break them up, he gets a punch in the eye. Callista has her earphones permanently affixed in her ears and her nose firmly planted in one of her fantasy books. Only Baby JR is peaceful, sleeping in his carrier.”Enough!” Grandma shouts over the din. She puts all of them in time out.

Thunder booms. Rain hits like pellets, and tree branches whip and crack against the sides of the house. Lightning bolts flash in the windows across the back of grandma’s house. W-A-A-N-K-! The tornado warning. Grandma orders the children to take the pillows and cushions from the couch, and she leads them into her ginormous closet. The older children are sullen and obstinate.

The younger ones cry and don’t want to stay, but she comforts them, saying that her wardrobe is a very fun place.

“What could be fun in a clothes closet?” Andrew asks.

With twinkling eyes, Grandma answers, “You’ll tell me when the storm is over.” Then pointing at the chest of drawers, she says, “Don’t open the top drawer. The things in there cannot be played with.”

Mary thumps her fists on her hips and demands, “What things?”

“Things that cannot be played with,” Grandma answers. With that, she leaves the closet and closes the doors. The storm outside rumbles. It’s loud enough to hear in the closet, and before the next crack of thunder echoes, Andrew hears the CLICK!

Grandma has locked them in! Now what? he wonders.

The children continue to argue, and during a short lull in the storm, Mary announces that she’s bored. Always curious, she decides to open the forbidden drawer, despite the others telling her not to, and out flies the strangest creature they’ve ever seen.

“Ne-e-e-bey,” it squawks, flies up, and sits on the clothing rod above the Grandma’s dresses. The children cover their ears and duck, but Mary forgets to close the drawer. Before they can think about what to do, more of the same creatures in different colors fly out and run up the walls of the closet. While Andrew and the children try to coax the strange birds back into the drawer, all the lights go out. They are in total darkness.

Then, a sliver of light filters in behind Grandma’s dresses. It spins, twinkles, and grows stronger and bigger, until a door appears. Andrew reaches for the handle and pulls with all his might. When the door opens, bright light floods the closet.

The strange birds, hidden behind the clothes, begin to chirp. “Ne-e-bey,” they squawk, and they fly through the door. Mary runs after them, shouting, “C’ mon. We need to get them back.”

Thus begins the adventure into the Gold and Silver Forest, where they meet strange, talking creatures and sisters Befana and Cattiva, one good and one evil who fight for control of the magical Nonnaland.

Will the children become involved in this battle, and how will they get back to Grandma’s closet?

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BULLYING HURTS. Don’t be a bully!


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Print: $11.99 USD

Being equal isn’t about being the same. Read this heartwarming story of how a pony learned that being different is okay.  

Mama’s Little Lady was not like the other ponies.  One of her front legs was shorter than the other one.  When other ponies walked their feet went clip-clop, but when Mama’s Little Lady walked, her feet went clippity-thump, and the other ponies on the farm teased and made fun of her.

Mama’s Little Lady’s heart was broken because the children who came to Mr. Smith’s farm for rides never picked her. Would anyone give her a chance?

First edition winner of 2013 Purple Dragonfly award, Children’s Category