BULLYING HURTS. Don’t be a bully!


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Teaching children to consider other people’s feelings, Mama’s Little Lady, A Special Pony is the story of a pony who is ridiculed because she has one front leg shorter than the other. One day a little girls with a bright pink ribbon in her hair comes for a pony ride, points at Mama’s Little Lady and shouts: “That one…” Was this little girl going to give Mama’s Little Lady a chance?

First edition winner of 2013 Purple Dragonfly award, Children’s Category




Grandmothers are special. They make everything better. Grandmothers are all love, lots of patience, and they show us things our parent can’t. But Grandmothers can be mysterious and magical too. Grandmothers are


W-A-A-N-K! A horn blared from the TV.

“Yow,” cried Teddy. He jumped up from his corner behind the kitchen table and grabbed grandma’s leg. 

 “Holy Cow,” I yelled.  

Callista heard it even with her headphones on. “What was that, Grandma?” she shouted. 

“Oh gosh, that’s a tornado warning,” said Lynda. “Are we going to blow away?”  

“No my darlings, we won’t blow away.” In her obey me immediately tone, she ordered, “Quick now, take the pillows and cushions from the couch and follow me.” She lifted JR’s carrier . One by one, holding the pillows and cushions, we followed Grandma through her bedroom, across her bathroom, and into her ginormous walk-in closet with only one set of double doors and no windows. “Stay here until the all-clear sounds.” Grandma handed me a big flashlight. “Just in case the lights go out,” she said.

“I don’t want to stay here. I want to stay with you.” Tomas gave Grandma his most dazzling smile. It didn’t work.Grandma patted his buzz-cut head.

“My closet is a very fun place. There are lots of interesting things in it.”

“What could be interesting in a clothes closet?” I asked.

“And what could be fun?” Mary mumbled

“After the storm passes, you’ll tell me. Just one rule. Do not open the drawers in the long chest under grandfather’s suits and jackets. Those things cannot be played with.”  

“What things?” asked Mary.

“Things that cannot be played with,” Grandma answered and handed Lynda a bottle of milk. “If JR wakes up, give him the bottle.” Grandma turned to me. “Test the flashlight, Andrew.” 

I did. “It works,” I said.

Grandma stretched out her hand to Callista. “No headphones. You and your brother are the oldest, and you must take care of your younger cousins.”

Callista frowned. Her lower lip stuck out. It was the start of one of her famous pouts, but she handed over the headphones.

We all stood there, hugging our cushions. My sister and our cousins looked scared. Guess I did too.

“You’re safe in here, and it will be over before you know it,” said Grandma. She smiled a funny smile.

“Where are you going?” I asked. She rumpled my thick, sandy hair, smiled, and walked through the double doors.

“I’m going to watch the weather.” When she closed the doors, a huge crack of thunder rattled the house, but not before I heard the lock on the closet doors click.

We were locked in!