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The ghost of Natasha Romanova has been watching…waiting for a dancer with the emotional strength to help her. She cannot  rest until she reveals the identity of her murderer and saves her mother, the famous Madame Alex from disaster. When Chelly Bernardi arrives at Madame Alex’s studio, Natasha quickly realizes that Chelly is that dancer. Chelly faces many obstacles and challenges before she can achieve her goal of becoming a professional ballerina as Natasha draws Chelly and her friends into a dangerous web of deceit.

Winner of 2011 Purple Dragonfly Book Award, and recognition in the 2011 Hollywood Book Festival.


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  “…He will by no means leave the guilty                                                                     unpunished, visiting the iniquity of fathers                                                             on the children and on the grandchildren to                                                           the third and fourth generations.”

                                                                                                               Exodus, 34:7

The Talliadors are one of the premier banking families in Austin, Texas. Martin Talliador, the CFO of the Talliador Family Savings Bank, is also a member of the Golden Hunters’ Club, a group of amateur, but serious treasure hunters. The competition in the club is fierce and cutthroat – but would they kill for a discovery?

When Martin is brutally murdered, he leaves behind his grief-stricken family: life-partner, Gerald, brother Bradford, sister-in-law Galilani and nine-year-old niece, Alina.

In Sea Cliff, New York, Dancer Chelly Bernardi prepares for the start of a new season with the Romanova Ballet Company. Executing a series of split jumps across the floor, her mind wanders; she loses her sense of time and place in the air and suffers a devastating, career-ending fall. A miscarriage follows.

Chelly is adrift after hearing the final medical conclusion that she could never dance professionally again. Haunted by a bizarre dream about a 6th moon, she agrees to relocate to Austin when her husband Paul opens another branch of the Bernardi Law Firm there and becomes the representing attorney for the Talliador Family Savings Bank.

Once in Austin, Chelly’s psychic abilities, dormant for years, are reawakened. Pushed in directions she doesn’t understand by the spirit of a Cherokee Indian, Chelly’s budding friendship with the Talliador family draws her into murder, kidnapping and a desperate search for the lost treasure of Confederate gold.